Inspiration vs Wishing…

I write lots of wish lists.  Sometimes I get carried away with the lists I write, well I guess that’s a matter of opinion as to it being  too much or okay. I write lists out of habit.  I’ve done it for years, and my lists have kept me organised, enthused and inspired.  After Kelly died I needed the comfort of making lists of things to do.

Some of my lists are reminders of what I have to do, others are related to things I’d like to do.   Some of them I never read again after I have written them, it all depends on where I wrote them in the first place.  It makes for interesting reading way down the track when I come across one that’s been written months or even years before. Occasionally a list will look very similar to one I’ve just written, so perhaps I need to look a little more closely at those items.

So what inspires me to write them?  Why do I write lists of things I think would be great to do?  Would someone reading them in a hundred years time be able to tell what type of person I am by the lists I write?  I wonder.

Then there are the days I am inspired.  I can be inspired to clean the house, then I write myself a list of all the things I want to get done.  Usually I’m optimistic about the amount of work I can do, but often surprised by how much I actually get done by crossing off items as I’ve completed them.  Also I can be inspired to plan ahead with things such as craft projects, writing projects or things I want to do soon.

So where does this inspiration come from?  What causes inspiration?

I think I can get a little stale.  I haven’t had a holiday in three and a half years so it had become a priority to actually have one. Nor have I been able to get enthused about anything outside the necessary daily things like work, shopping, cooking and so on.  Just going through the motions really.

Last week I actually booked us a week away, now I’m counting down the days till we go.  But since I made that booking, I’ve been inspired to plan all sorts of things.  I’ve actually felt enthusiastic about planning, doing it because I want to, not because it’s something I should do.

So I think that taking action has inspired me.  Also we’ve had some beautiful sunshine for the last few days, sort of summer as we change tomorrow to the first day of Autumn.  That has been inspiring too.  Looking out into my garden can be inspiring too,

But just taking action in itself can be inspiring and thus it becomes a positive cycle.

What is it that inspires you?


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