The Grandfather Clock

Last week we brought home some of Ross’s dads things, and amongst these was the grandfather clock.   Now the clock has a history in our family as it was awarded to a good friend for services rendered (over many years) by the Fire Brigade in 1960.  So it has had pride of place in the family home for years.

Not wanting to see it tossed out, Ross said we’d have it.  Sounds like quite an innocuous thing, just a matter of finding a place in our home for it.                                                              Not so easy.

So we set it up in the family room, Ross wound it up, reattached the weights and pendulum, then it got going.                                                                                                                       All good.

Well, it chimes every quarter of an hour.  Not a loud strident noise, quite soft really.  So we thought it was okay.

We went to bed on Thursday night, some distance from the clock so that was fine.  A few hours later I got up and did some work in the kitchen, whilst the clock did its thing — every quarter of an hour.  I’d been lying in bed listening to the clock chiming, telling myself that I had fifteen minutes to get to sleep before it went off again!  Not working, very unhappy me!!  Finally I decided to try bed again, this time with the doors closed, effectively silencing the wretched thing.

So the next night I did the same, and it was fine.  Then I forgot to close the doors so another sleep deprived night.

The funny thing was that Ross said it didn’t bother him, although every time he sat in a chair he nodded off!  Sunday afternoon I had to have a Nanna nap because i was so tired.  Ross was also complaining of being tired, and as we are nearing a long overdue holiday, I had put the tiredness down to the usual pre holiday exhaustion.

Yesterday morning I announced that I had had enough, and the clock has to go – somewhere else, anywhere I really didn’t care.  So Ross turned off the chimes.                   Duh!

We discussed it, and decided that his tiredness is associated with the arrival of the clock, as was mine.  So despite him thinking it wasn’t disturbing him, subconsciously it was.

Then I started to think about how we all react differently to stimulus, and perhaps there are other things around us in our day to day lives that may be causing problems without us realising. Our phones and the television could also be potential distractions to our subconscious.

So what do you have in your life that may be a subconscious distraction?

Not sure what I’m going to do about the phone, but at least we both slept well last night.


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