Its a beautiful sunny day in Geelong   Ross mentioned that he hadn’t been grounding for a while, so we decided to drive down to Eastern Beach and walk / wade in the water there.

A bit more about Grounding – according to – “Grounding, or earthing, refers to connecting electrically with the Earth. A growing body of research is finding numerous health benefits as a result of the physical body being grounded.”

Call it whatever you like, it’s a very relaxing pastime. Although not a team sport, it is rather nice to do with someone else as I did today. The only requirement is to be barefoot, and to walk on earth, sand, and grass or in water.

On the positive side, there is nothing really to do other than walk along the beach or wade in the shallow water, so you are relaxing. It is also giving you fresh air and sunshine so a way of getting your Vitamin D quota on board. When there are small waves, as there were today, it can be quite mesmerising, so I tend to be off in another world.

I find it almost meditative, just allowing myself to be in the moment, not to think about the troubles that may await at home — dishes, ironing, cooking, dusting and vacuuming, not to mention family squabbles and the ever-present thoughts of loss.

There were other people about — lots of cars – it was difficult to find a park. There was a group playing soccer on the sand, people waling prams, walking dogs or just out for a stroll along the promenade. There were a couple of dogs enjoying a walk in the shallows too.

It really brought out the child in me, remembering how I often walked in the water at the beach near where I grew up. I’d look for treasures, carefully collecting small pieces of driftwood, seaweed and shells.

Today I picked up a shell, and by the time I got back to the car I had a stack of them tucked up in the front of my t-shirt – note to self – next time I need a bag to collect things.

I found a pretty sea urchin shell, seemingly intact but without occupants thank goodness – just a discarded home. Surprisingly there wasn’t much rubbish – I can recall seeing lots there on other visits, so it was pleasing to see. I also found a child’s small colourful rubber ball.

Going for a walk, whether it be along the beach or around the streets, contemplating Kelly’s death was something I found soothing in the early days. As the years have passed, I don’t have the need as much, but she is frequently part of my thoughts as I go on my daily walks.

Now I don’t really know what I will do with the shells, but. I’m looking forward to collecting more another day.

p.s:  Not such a sunny day today as when I wrote this post, but still a lovely one anyway.



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