There has been a lot happening in my life over the past few years, and it has had me putting off taking time out for a holiday.  Running a business,  selling a house, handing over the business to our son, moving house and then setting up in the next one can really take a toll on you both mentally and physically.

We did have one planned last year, but the week before we were due to head off Ross had triple bypass surgery, so that stymied any idea of a holiday for quite a few months.

Then when we stopped to add it all up it had been three and a half years since we actually had one.  Now you could perhaps say that being in semi-retirement, when there is no work booked for a few days, then that could be called a holiday.  And I have been known to call it that.  But now I know better.

We finally made the time to go away for a whole week — seven days of nothing in particular to do.  Sounds like bliss — well it was.

We have time-share, so we booked into a resort which was a three and a half hour drive away. The weather was perfect being in the low thirties every day.  So we would sleep late, have a leisurely brunch and then head off somewhere for a coffee.  We went to a  winery for tastings and a decadent lunch which was amazing, utilising local cheeses and dried fruits.  We wandered through a cactus farm and were staggered by not only the varieties but by the size of some.  Made us think a little differently about the few miserable cacti we have in our garden.

We would come back to our unit, get into our swimwear and head over to the pools — there was a choice of indoor or outdoor.  So we’d swim a while, have a spa and then head back to shower and either go out for a meal or build one at home (I travelled with my trusty Thermomix).

Then in the evenings we would either watch a DVD or some TV or just read.  There was no internet in the unit, but you could go to the lounge for some free WiFi if you really needed it.   Then at the end of the week we packed up and headed for home.

On the surface it didn’t seem like a big deal, but I am continually amazed at the energy I have had since we’ve come home.  Which made me realise just how low my batteries were.  I thought I was doing fine, but having that week away made such a difference.

Before I would start a project, but seemed to run out of puff and many didn’t get completed.  Now I’m finishing tasks that I’d started before, planning new ones, sleeping more soundly and generally feeling so much more energised.

So whilst it does take some effort to plan a break, the benefits by far outweigh that time spent planning and packing.  It’s called “Taking Care Of Yourself”

Now I know just how much I needed that break when I look back and see how I was before. So my plan is to take a break away from home on a more regular basis.  I’m definitely not waiting another three years for the next one.

When was the last time you really recharged your batteries?  Do you have a plan to re-energise in the near future?




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