R & R

In the interest of taking care of myself, my husband and I  headed away for a week of rest.  Well, the first two days were spent at a Symposium, but the rest of the week was relaxing.  So my husband spent the first two days doing nothing but being my taxi.

Part of taking a break is getting ready.  That in itself can be quite exciting, although I seem to make a lot of work out of packing.  I guess that comes from living in a climate that can cover all seasons in one day.  Makes it hard to decide what to take,  then there’s the worry that the baggage will be overweight.  The cat feeding has to be organised, and I like to leave the house reasonably clean and tidy.   So I run around like a madwoman in the couple of days prior to leaving.  Before I can appreciate the relief of actually being on holiday with imminent days of relaxation.


But seriously, taking a break is so important in lots of ways.  Whilst we continue to go about our daily lives, working, keeping house, shopping and so on, we may think that we’re operating at optimum efficiency.  However the reality is often vastly different.  And this is something that you may not realise until after you’ve had that break.

For me after having my last break, I realised that whilst I thought I was operating really well, in reality I wasn’t.  I was making silly mistakes, not sleeping well and generally functioning at a lower level of efficiency.  But mostly you just don’t realise all that, and continue on kidding yourself that all is well.

This time was not really any different.  However, now I know how I function, I realise the need to take more frequent breaks — for my sanity, but mostly for those around me.

So now I’m home, and there is a new appreciation for it after a holiday.  Whilst it is lovely to have a holiday interstate, coming home can be great.  I feel refreshed, I want to do stuff that was all too easy to ignore before, and it’s amazing what gets done in the first two days home.  This time was a little different with the Symposium, but also we flew back to Victoria which was rather cold after the milder climate of Queensland.  Spent one night at home, unpacked our bags and then repacked smaller ones and drove to Portland to attend a seventieth birthday party.  This was exciting because we caught up with my two older brothers, something that doesn’t happen often enough.  I also caught up with a cousin I hadn’t seen for years, so it was great.

Now, rested and refreshed I’m happy to be back home.  I’ll take a little while before I start to think about the next break, but I certainly will and sooner rather than later.


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