Disappointment is something we all suffer from at some stage in our life.
I don’t have any facts or figures to back me up, but I would suggest that most of us have experienced disappointment numerous times.  Probably weekly or even daily at times.
Some times it can even occur a few times  in one day.
I was very disappointed on Friday evening to see my football team lose after playing a rather lacklustre game – or at least it seemed that way to me as a supporter.
It can be very disappointing to hear the alarm go off in the morning — do I really have to get up now?  Then there is getting on the scales in the morning — but we won’t go there now!  And thats just the beginning of the day.
Some disappointment can be a fleeting experience, but at other times it can linger on for some time.
I work as a casual in retail sales, and some days it is quite disappointing to reach the end of the day and not have much to show for your efforts.  Other days can be quite the reverse.
Life doesn’t follow any prescribed path, how great would it be if we could plan and know that all would go accordingly.  But then, maybe it would be rather boring, predictable even.
I think we would get rather blasé about life if that were the case.  I’m finding that I rather like the unpredictability or uncertainty of my daily life.
I recently had a significant birthday so my son and daughter-in-law gifted me a several hours of their weekend to revamp my courtyard garden, clearing in preparation for veggie growing.
Now I’m looking at the lovely clearing and mentally planning what veggies I will grow, and deciding where would be the best positions for them.  I will probably head out to the nursery on the weekend in search of plants, which will be duly  planted and watered.  However, realistically I know that some of them will die, despite being cared for according to the instructions.  Then there have been times when I’ve planted stuff, forgotten about it and they’ve grown really well.
So I’m quite resolved to experience more disappointment in relation to my garden.  But, the pleasure of planning, planting, nurturing and observing the growth with the ultimate aim of picking and eating the fruits of my labours will far outweigh any disappointment that I may experience.
At least whilst I’m experiencing the disappointments of life, I know that I’m alive and I’m certainly grateful for that – bring the disappointments on!

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