Excuse me?

Sometimes it seems I let my life be run by excuses.

When I stop and think about it, I find that there are so many ‘reasons’ I use to explain why I didn’t do something.  Many have become habits.  Sometimes I call it procrastination, but whichever word I use, it’s really the same thing.

Now that I’ve actually identified that I do use excuses in my everyday life, I can see that perhaps it is time to knuckle down and eradicate a few of these from my life.

I didn’t go for my walk today because it was too cold.  Or —I ran out of time as I have to go to work today and if I’d gotten up earlier I wouldn’t have had enough sleep!  Plus I won’t be able to go after work as it will be too dark — and too cold again.

I didn’t make that phone call because they might be picking the kids up from school, driving, getting tea ready, going out or whatever!

When I have more time I’ll be able to do X, but I’m really too busy at the moment.

Or, when I’ve saved some more money I’ll be able to afford to do Y but money is a bit tight at the moment……

I also hear some of these in others as I go about my daily life.  I know I am not alone in using excuses for a myriad of things, but that doesn’t make it all right.

I think I’ve become so accustomed to using excuses that they have begun to seem normal, as part of my everyday life.

Oh and I meant to call so and so, but it got too late and I never phone anyone after nine thirty at night.  That would be rude!

I sometimes wonder just what life would be like without excuses.

How would I function?  Somehow I imagine I’d be extremely productive, I think in reality I would most likely have more time for leisure activities and just maybe I’d be a lot more successful than I am now.

Well, I can only write a short blog today as I have to go to work and if I do any more I will be late….


What’s your excuse??



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