Well — maybe?

Anticipation is a wonderful thing.  I’ve been seconded play a part in a murder mystery night.  It will be great fun, and I’m really looking forward to it.  Ross has a part as well.

The theme is set in the 1920’s so Ross is a gangster and I’m a prostitute.  Such fun working out what costumes we could wear.

Over the past few weeks we’ve gone through lots of different options but now we really have to settle on the actual costumes.  We have done so many maybe’s that after a while you begin to get confused and end up with far too many options that could be suitable.  Op Shops have become a favoured haunt as I search for that extra little prop that will make the costume more authentic.

But really I’ve been dithering about what I could wear, and even though I’ve almost completed my ensemble, there seems to be some doubt.  I keep thinking that maybe if I just … or maybe I could have and then I come back to the original idea.

Life can be a little like that.  There are so many times that I’ve reached a decision about something, and then I vacillate wondering if I should do this, or perhaps that?

Some people seem to be able to decide quickly and definitely and stick with that.  I admire them as I’m certainly in the opposite camp a lot of the time.  Second guessing myself and wondering if I’m choosing well or not.

But then again does it really matter?  I don’t have to be like someone else at all, I can just be who I am and if it takes me a while to reach a decision some days — so what!  As long as I’m happy with the outcome.

So look out, here comes Charlotte the Harlot and Syd — ‘The Gun” Davies.  We are going to look awesome and no-one will really know how long it took to decide on our costumes.

Who knows, maybe I’ll take up acting as my next career!!


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