I’m guessing that pleasure means many different things to each and every one of us.

Pleasure can be found in an activity such as going for a walk or meeting a friend for a coffee or meal.   It can be in a sound like the chatter of birds in the trees or a baby’s chuckle, perhaps the calling of a loved one — child or adult announcing they’re home after being out or away.

Then again it can be in the act of making something — cooking a meal for another or creating a craftwork to be admired or better still used frequently.

Listening to music or watching a favourite feel-good movie can also invoke pleasure on many different levels.

For me, I’m receiving many daily doses of pleasure from my garden.  When my son and daughter-in-law cleaned out my back garden in readiness for me to plant some vegetables, I could not have imagined that I would derive so much pleasure from a few hours of their time. What an amazing birthday gift — a gift that really does keep on giving.
For a start there was the time gifted to me which ultimately led to a much tidier and pleasing view of the yard.  Then there came the pleasure of anticipating which veggies I could plant, followed by a progressive planting.  There is still room for more, but at present there is enough.   So now every day I look at my veggie garden and see how much growth has been added, now I can anticipate the future harvest and the enjoyment I will gain from picking cooking and eating the fruits — or vegetables of my labours.

A cup of coffee, glass of wine or some special food treat can impart immense pleasure — especially if these are enjoyed with convivial company.

When I stop and think about it, though-out my day I am receiving pleasure in so many ways — too many to list.  But one of the best for me is that first cup of coffee in the morning, sitting on my back deck and watching the veggies growing — exclaiming over the flowers that have bloomed on the tomatoes and the pumpkins and watching the raspberries ripening.  The simple things in life are truly very often the best.

What gives you pleasure ?


The Promise of Spring…

Officially we are in the season of Spring.

There is blossom on trees, new leaves and shoots on the roses and the weeds are starting to grow in my veggie garden — well everywhere in the garden.

To me, Spring conjures up visions of sunnier days, warmer  weather — well warmer than Winter at least.  Yet here we are in the second week of the season and we’ve had days of high winds, rain almost daily, hail at times and even snow in places that rarely get it and it’s been bloody cold!

So realistically I know that just because the calendar says it is officially a new season it doesn’t mean that everything changes overnight.  Oh well its summer next and on the first of December it will be warm and sunny and I can wear my sleeveless tops, sandals and lightweight pants and be careful not to get burnt from the hot sun.  Really?

A bit like when it’s my birthday and everything is going to work beautifully for the day — there will be no worries or concerns, the sun will shine and everyone will be nice to me. Not.

How often do you look forward to an event and think that all will be wonderful when that happens, or perhaps things will change because of it?

Life doesn’t seem to happen that way most of the time.  We don’t tend to factor in disappointments, but they happen anyway.  We may think that if ‘x’ happens, then I will feel ‘y’ and all will be well.  Reality has it often being quite the opposite.

Then again, how would life really be if we knew exactly what would happen?

I think it would be rather boring actually if I knew what was going to happen and when.  The concept of anticipation and excitement might fall a little bit flat, whereas now I don’t really know what is going to happen.

Not knowing gives a certain edge or thrill even when I consider how I’d like for things to be, yet understanding that they may not evolve that way.  They may even be better — who knows.

Would we pay for a ticket to the footy if we knew that our team was going to be thrashed or would we get married if we knew it was going to end in divorce?  I don’t think so.

If life was predictable then where is the fun?  How much enjoyment would there be?

No, I’d rather listen to the ‘experts’ who say that there is no way my team can beat that one, and be really happy if they do, or okay if they don’t.   Either way I will choose to enjoy the game and I may end up being thoroughly delighted when they win.

But oh gosh I’d love to see those ‘expert’ commentators proven wrong, so I’m hoping to feel rather smug on Saturday, or maybe I’ll just be resigned to wait until next year.