Resolutions & Commitments

We make lots of resolutions about how we are going to change our lives “next year”, but the reality is we can do that any day of the year.  We don’t have to wait until the end of this year to decide to improve our lives.
The expert analysts tell us that very few of our resolutions take root and bear fruit.
So this year is going to be different for me.  I’ve started already, some weeks ago with a few changes.  I set myself the task of walking for a minimum of twenty minutes every day, which doesn’t sound very hard.  Gave myself a limit of ninety days, and now I’m up to day forty, or thereabouts.  It really hasn’t been hard to do, although some days I’ve really had to push myself to do it.  I’ve only missed one day, and that was because I completely forgot about it, until I was getting into bed.  A bit late to do any walking then!
Rather that calling it a resolution, I labelled it a commitment, set an end date, and then started.  Of course, now I’ve been doing it for over a month, and I’m almost halfway through, it has become a habit.  I don’t plan when I’m going to do it, but as I haven’t walked yet this morning, I will walk when I get home from work. It’s only twenty minutes, so is relatively easy to fit into a busy day.
I also find it a great time for reflection and planning when I’m alone, but often Ross comes with me.
I know that I’m fulfilling my commitment to myself, and I’m also looking after my health in many more ways than just getting fitter.  I also know that I can commit to something and then stick to it.  I’ll most likely keep on walking for twenty minutes a day – I may miss one here or there, but it will be a habit I’ll keep.  Knowing I can stick to it, means I can look at other areas of my life I might like to change, that I could work on as well.
So how about starting with a commitment for yourself now, or it could be next week.  But rather than making it a “New Years Resolution” which can easily be discarded, what could you do to improve your life right now?